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Mobile Looks to Extend Capital Improvements

Mayor Sandy Stimpson is working with the Mobile City Council to renew Mobile's Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and deploy additional funding to capital projects and infrastructure improvements throughout all seven council districts.

On Monday, July 24, the Mobile City Council will consider for the first time an ordinance that would renew the City's CIP Program through 2028. Established in 2016, the CIP Program has directed $168 million in sales tax revenue to fund improvements to roads, sidewalks, public infrastructure, parks, greenways, and city facilities. The CIP program has also supported critical transportation and environmental projects across the entire community.

One of the unique things about Mobile's CIP Program is that the projects it funds are prioritized and selected by the members of the Mobile City Council. Each council member works directly with constituents and the administration to meet the greatest needs in their respective districts.

Historically, the CIP Program has allocated $3 million to each council district annually. In addition to extending the CIP program to 2028, the ordinance being considered on Monday would also allocate an additional $1 million to each district — bringing the annual total to $4 million.

"The CIP Program has been a game changer in addressing some of Mobile's longstanding infrastructure needs," Mayor Stimpson said. "If the program is expanded, Mobilians in all seven council districts will feel the infusion of additional funding coming into their communities without seeing any increase in their taxes."

"Over the last eight years, the CIP program has allowed us to make significant progress renovating parks, rebuilding streets, and improving the quality of life for neighborhoods across each city council district," Mobile City Council President CJ Small said. "I look forward to expanding this program with additional funds so that we can continue investing in major projects that will directly improve the lives of our citizens."


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