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Fonde Students Go Back To School

Class is back in session at Fonde Elementary School. The first-day bell to start the 2023-2024 school year rang on Monday, meaning a new beginning, new friends, new lessons and a fresh start to making new memories.

Smiles, laughter and tight hugs filled the hallways throughout the day as students and teachers got reacquainted with one another. To ease students back into learning mode, teacher's lesson plans were filled with icebreakers for everyone to get introduced to one another, as well as a breakdown of classroom expectation to set the tone of learning for the year.

Fonde Elementary adopted a year-round school calendar in the summer of 2017. That means the students have a five-week summer break and a two to three-week break after each quarter. Students attend the same 175 days of school as the rest of Mobile County Public Schools, but function on a separate schedule.

All other Mobile County Public Schools students return to class on Aug. 7.

The district is looking forward to implementing the theme "Working Together to Aim for Excellence" for the new school year. It's a message to help encourage students and teachers to reach their highest potential, together. Here's to the start of an excellent school year!


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