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MAAS Aviation Announces Expansion

The Mobile Chamber is proud to announce that MAAS Aviation Brookley Inc. has unveiled its plan to expand operations in downtown Mobile.


“Increasing our capacity is essential to meeting the growing demands of our customers and achieving our strategic ambitions. Mobile has proven to be an ideal location to grow our business and we are looking forward to expanding our footprint at Brookley Field,” said MAAS Aviation Chief Operating Officer Geoff Myrick.  


The company, known for its expertise in aircraft painting, currently operates three painting hangars at Brookley Field Mobile (BFM) and is poised to receive an award to operate two additional paint shops starting in February 2024.


"MAAS Aviation's expansion is not just a testament to their success but also a reflection of the thriving business environment in Mobile,” said Mobile Chamber President and CEO Bradley Byrne, “This growth further cements Mobile’s position as a hub for innovation and economic development.”


The proposed investment of $1.6 million will focus on capital improvements in jigs and tooling, integral to the expansion.


“MAAS Aviation’s expansion highlights the economic growth Mobile is experiencing in virtually every sector, including aviation. We appreciate MAAS’s commitment to Brookley Field Mobile and are proud to partner in their future success as they expand job opportunities and their investments in local goods and support services,” said Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson.


“Mobile County Commission is pleased to support MAAS Aviation Brookley Inc.'s almost $2 million investment that will create up to 150 new full-time jobs within five years. This strategic expansion will fuel economic growth at Brookley Field Mobile and be of benefit to Mobile County and the region,” said Mobile County Commission President Randall Dueitt.


MAAS Aviation's forward-thinking approach extends beyond job creation, with plans to increase its recurring spend in the local market on goods and services from between $5 million and $7 million in 2023 to more than $15 million by 2028.


“MAAS Aviation is an important player in the expanding aviation manufacturing cluster at Brookley, and it’s great to see the company continue to make investments for future growth in Mobile,” said Greg Canfield, secretary of the Alabama Department of Commerce.


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