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New Mobile County Commission District Lines Apply in November 2024 Election Cycle

MOBILE COUNTY, Ala. – In the upcoming 2024 election cycle, the three members of the Mobile County Commission will be elected by voters within the new district boundaries established as a result of the 2020 Census counts. They will represent those residents after the election.

The Mobile County Commissioners elected in 2020 (District 1 Merceria Ludgood, District 2 Connie Hudson, and District 3 Randall Dueitt) represent residents along district boundaries that were drawn after the 2010 Census and approved in 2011.

Mobile County residents are strongly encouraged to review the side-by-side comparison maps of the 2011 (current) and 2022 (new) districts to see if their County Commission District may change for the next election cycle. The side-by-side maps are available at Physical maps will also be available in Mobile Government Plaza’s atrium, local libraries, and Mobile County municipalities’ city halls by October 2023.

After each decennial U.S. Census, federal, state, and local political districts are redrawn to reflect population changes. Mobile County’s population shifted to the south and west since the 2010 Census and the new district boundaries reflect those shifts. The new district map was made public through advertising and digital promotion before its approval by the Mobile County Commission in January 2022. Redistricting information has been posted in a banner link on the main page of since the fall of 2021.

The new district lines comply with requirements set forth by the U.S. Constitution and Voting Rights Act. The 2020 Census-reported population of Mobile County is 414,809 and in accordance with equal representation requirements, the population of each of the three Commission districts, as redrawn, is just over 138,000 people.

Registered voters will receive information postcards in the mail from the Alabama Secretary of State’s office and from Mobile County election officials during the election cycle. The mailed Voter Information Cards tell each voter where to vote (polling place) and list the applicable political districts, including the Mobile County Commission district, which will be different for some voters beginning with the 2024 election cycle.


District 1 maintains a similar geographic footprint but expands westward,

  • gaining population near Cody Road/Overlook Road west to Schillinger Road and southwest to Old Shell Road near Hillsdale (from District 2)

  • gaining an area south of Bel Air Mall between Cottage Hill Road and Government Boulevard east of I-65 (from District 3)

  • expanding westward in the northwestern-most portion of the County from Anderson Road and Robert Walker Road north of Beverly Jefferies Highway to the Mississippi state line (from District 2)

District 2 constricts a bit in west Mobile County but gains a larger footprint in midtown Mobile,

  • gaining an area of midtown Mobile from Lafayette Street to I-65 and from Springhill Avenue to Government Street to Eslava Creek and Cottage Hill Road (from District 3)

  • expanding southward from Government Boulevard to Halls Mill Road and from Lees Lane to I-10 and Moore Creek (from District 3)

  • gaining an area south of Airport Boulevard from roughly Schillinger Road to Cody Road to Hitt Road (from District 3)

District 3 has less footprint in midtown Mobile and more in west Mobile County,

  • expanding north to Tanner Williams Road from Snow Road to the Mississippi state line (from District 2)

  • gaining a portion of west Mobile between Azalea Road, Cottage Hill Road, and Knollwood Drive (from District 2)


  • Nov. 10, 2023: Candidate qualifying period ends for the March 2024 Democratic and Republican primaries

  • March 5, 2024: Primary Election Day

  • April 16, 2024: Primary Election Runoff Day

  • Nov. 5, 2024: General Election Day

For more information about Mobile County elections for voters and candidates, go to

Register to vote or update voter information at


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