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Robbins Elementary Counselor Wins National Award

Congratulations to school counselor Kelly Chism and Robbins Elementary School for winning the Nationally Recognized ASCA Model Program (RAMP) award! This award recognizes schools that are committed to delivering exemplary school counseling programs that are aligned with the American School Counselor Association’s National Model framework.

Last fall, Chism was also honored by the Alabama Counselor Association as its Program of Distinction Award winner, an award for school counselors who demonstrate an exemplary level of implementation of a comprehensive-data driven school counseling program.

Chism is one of 56 elementary school counselors at MCPSS. The school system also employs 32 middle school counselors; 36 high school counselors; two K-12 counselors for special needs and virtual schools; and three K-8 counselors. In addition to Robbins, recent RAMP Award-winning schools include Pillans Middle School, Scarborough Middle School, and E.R. Dickson Elementary School.

Over the last several years, the role of the school counselor has evolved to include a wide variety of duties to enhance social-emotional learning for all students. MCPSS counselors work closely with administrators, faculty, and staff to promote a safe and healthy learning environment for students. Counselors provide academic advisement to students; offer assistance and support for students who are experiencing issues due to trauma, distress, transition, or other situations that stifle academic success; and provide prevention and intervention lessons to improve educational, attendance, and disciplinary outcomes related to academic development, college and career readiness, and social-emotional needs.

School counselors at MCPSS offer classroom instruction and lead small group sessions to address a wide variety of social and emotional issues that may be impediments to learning, including:

• Conflict resolution

• Anger management

• Goal setting

• Coping skills

• Bullying

• Developing effective and respectful communication skills

• Social and emotional wellness

For more information about MCPSS’s comprehensive counseling and guidance programs, visit


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