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MCTS students attend Bioswale ribbon-cutting at Heritage House

Students and administrators from Mobile County Training School were among the special guests at the formal dedication of the Bioswale garden at Africatown Heritage House on August 11.

The Bioswale is a low-lying area that collects storm water and supports a collection of native plants. MCTS students will use the Bioswale as an outdoor laboratory, where they can learn about wildlife habitats, horticulture, and the impact of storm water runoff in urban areas. The native plants included in the project can be used for food, medicine, beautification and erosion protection.

The Bioswale, built by Birmingham-Southern College’s Southern Environmental Center, is part of the Stemming the Tide: Empowering Youth to Meet Coastal Environmental Challenges initiative, a $1.25 million grant to develop curriculum centered around environmental-related issues for schools in Mobile.

In January 2023, a portion of the Stemming the Tide grant was used to purchase new equipment and resources for the MSTS science lab, including:

• A fully outfitted modular Aquabundance aquaponics system

• Brand new lab furniture and supplies to outfit the existing lab spaces at MCTS (lab benches, stools, googles, aprons, first aid kits, eye wash stations, spill kits, and fire extinguishers)

• Six personalized three-stream recycling stations for use in the school and community center, including trash grabbers, reusable litter bags, and cut-resistant gloves

• Weather balloon with Canon digital camera

• Mobile electronic sit/stand workstation for the existing e-glass board at MCTS; and

• 30 Samsung Galaxy tablets with cases and mobile charging stations for student and faculty use.

Mobile County Training School and Birmingham-Southern College administrators are shown here at the ribbon cutting for the MCTS science lab on January 27, 2023.


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