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City of Mobile, FOMAS offering incentive to foster large dogs

Mobile, Ala. — To help address an influx of dogs taken in over the summer, the City of Mobile’s Animal Services Department is partnering with the nonprofit Friends of Mobile Animal Shelter (FOMAS) to offer an incentive for Mobilians to provide a safe and loving temporary to large dogs.

This new pilot program will help find temporary homes for large dogs by offering $200 to qualified participants who can successfully foster a dog for 30 days or longer. The program is made possible by the generous support of FOMAS, which will provide the incentive directly to qualified fosters.

For any approved adopters referred by their fosters, we’ll waive the adoption fee. FOMAS is also offering an additional $50 incentive for fosters who refer other approved fosters to help.

Beginning August 15, those interested in the program can apply at If approved, the matchmakers with our Animal Services staff will find the perfect adult dog for each applicant. The City of Mobile will also provide training support, supplies and cover any necessary veterinary care. After 30 days, fosters can return their dog to the City Animal Shelter, continue fostering it at home or adopt it as their own. In those cases, we will be waiving the adoption fees.

Temporarily fostering is excellent for dogs, and it also helps free up limited space inside our shelter. To participate in this program, you must agree to our foster program requirements, which focus on treating dogs like family and providing an enriching home experience. This includes submitting weekly photos, completing reports about the dog, and following instructions for veterinary care.


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