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City of Mobile Releases 2023 Public Works Report

The City of Mobile proudly announces the release of its Public Works Annual Report, which highlights the department's extraordinary progress, service, and achievements in 2023.


The 2023 Public Works Annual Report provides a comprehensive overview of one of the City of Mobile's largest departments. Whether it's Parks and Recreation, Real Estate and Asset Management, Public Services, Planning and Zoning, Engineering or Programs and Project Management, the services provided by the Public Works Department touch the lives of Mobilians daily.

This past year, these incredible employees' dedication and hard work were recognized as the department became the first agency in Alabama to earn accreditation from the American Public Works Association. The most recent Public Works Annual Report shows the impact Public Works is having on the City of Mobile and provides detailed statistics about our projects, programs, services and more.


"Sometimes, it is easy to forget just how much our Public Works Team or Department does across the city," Mayor Sandy Stimpson said. "When you look at this report, it clearly lays out the amount of work happening throughout our community each and every day. As mayor, it is an honor to work with the men and women in our public works department who are so dedicated to making their city better.”

Some highlights from the 2023 Public Works Annual Report are included below. The complete report is available here and at

·       Infrastructure: In 2023, the City of Mobile invested millions of dollars into improving our local infrastructure, including upgrades to roads, bridges, sidewalks and more. That includes 80 miles of resurfaced road lanes, 32,208 feet of sidewalk repairs, 460 new ADA ramps, and 354 repaired or replaced stormwater inlets. 

·       Public Services: Last year, Public Services addressed more than 38,500 calls from Mobilians. In 2023, the department also collected 55,889 tons of garbage and 170,452 cubic yards of residential trash. Employees also picked up 58,900 pounds of litter from our roads and waterways and repaired over 5,000 potholes across the city.

·       Parks and Recreation: In 2023, the Mobile Parks and Recreation Department maintained 2,126 acres of land, 95 athletic fields, 38 playgrounds and countless public assets. Equally important are the events, programming, and initiatives spearheaded by MPRD. Last fall, MPRD became only the 2nd agency in Alabama to receive accreditation from the Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA). 


·       Office of Resilience: In 2023, the Office of Resilience completed Mobile's first-ever Resilience Assessment, led a multi-agency study focused on expanding local recycling efforts and developed a comprehensive emergency management planning guide for the Public Works department. Mobile was the first city in Alabama to create a Resilience Office.


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