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Mobile City Council considers new district lines after annexation

On Tuesday, October 10, the Mobile City Council will consider a proposed ordinance that would reapportion the populations of Mobile’s seven city council districts.

Redistricting is necessary to evenly distribute the City of Mobile’s population among the seven council districts following the annexation of additional citizens in West Mobile over the summer. The ordinance and the associated map of the seven proposed council districts were put together by Mayor Sandy Stimpson’s administration with input from all seven members of the Mobile City Council.

While redistricting is necessary to balance Mobile’s population and comply with the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the proposed district lines submitted to the Mobile City Council would not substantially impact any changes incorporated during the redistricting process that was finalized last year. The proposed map maintains a black voting age majority in four out of seven city council districts. It also keeps the 53 percent black voting age majority in District 7 established during redistricting in 2022.

Any proposed change to the current district lines will require a supermajority vote of five council members to be adopted. Any changes would be in effect during Mobile’s citywide elections in 2025.

“I greatly appreciate the council continuing to work with us to ensure we get this right,” Mayor Stimpson said. “Throughout the recent redistricting process and our successful annexation effort, we have worked to be as transparent as possible and bring community members into the process. We look forward to continuing that work with Mobilians and the city council in the coming weeks.”

Attached is a copy of the proposed redistricting maps and a chart showing the demographic breakdown of each district and the City of Mobile as a whole.


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